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Hi, my name is Emma, welcome and thank you for visiting my blog! I was inspired to start Perrie Homestead because of my family’s desire for a self sufficient life style. Making and creating things by hand, living from the land, cooking from scratch, and learning the skills to create, fix and maintain – The Simple Life!

Why Self-Sufficiency?

It wasn’t something we always wanted. My husband grew up in a small country town, and I grew up in the northern city suburbs. When we met each other and fell in love, we moved into a quaint little place on a hill about 30 minutes out from the town my husband grew up in. The place we lived in was surrounded by a semi rain forest setting, had cows in the valley, and grew macadamia and mango trees. Being so young, we never appreciated it for what it was. It wasn’t until we eventually got engaged and moved to suburban city, we realised what we had was perfect.

Now almost a decade on, married and now joined with our new beautiful baby daughter, we continually find ourselves going about our busy work filled lifestyles during the week, and then when we have free time, getting in the car and escaping to the countryside to reconnect. It wasn’t long until we realised that is where we wanted to stay and raise our family.

We are still a little while away from that complete dream – like most, a sea change, or in our case, a ‘country change’, isn’t always straight forward. We have some small consumer debt, we rent, and our full time roles continue to push us towards day to day convenience and survival. However our slow transition is purposely very small and strategic.

This convenience society we have today, not only slowly diminishes the skills from ourselves and our future generations, but our factory model education makes us a working slave in this modern day culture. Self sufficiency, and the satisfaction of knowing these skills, seem to be lost.

We once knew how to provide for our families – and now we know how to start computers, answer phones and accept a weekly wage. We then exchange that wage for food that other people grew, meat that other people butchered, clothes other people made.

Of course self-sufficiency doesn’t have to be about going completely ‘primitive technology’ – you can introduce self-sufficiency into your lifestyle, and blend them with common modern day conveniences. We need to keep in touch with our roots, but still accept and keep in touch with economic development.

Perrie Homestead isn’t about sharing a finished product with you. I wanted to share our process from how we currently live as self-sufficient as possible, within a busy 9-5 lifestyle, and our trials and errors along the way, as we strive towards the lifestyle of our dreams.

You can live this lifestyle too!

If you stumbled across Perrie Homestead searching for homesteading and homemaking tips, how to grow your own food and cook some amazing real meals from scratch – you’re in the right place. I have become so passionate about this lifestyle over the past several years, and I have a desire to share our  process with you. I hope that I can inspire your family to live more self-sufficient too.

As you live a more intentional life the way God intended, you may find your homesteading dreams take over every aspect of your life… and you will love it like we do!

Thanks for joining us!



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