Perfecting your Cleaning Routine

Before I created my life saving daily cleaning schedule and my 6-week rotating plan, It felt like all I did was clean! And when I wasn’t cleaning… all I did was worry about my home being clean. I spent most of my weekends trying to catch up on those mundane chores, after a long week of surviving.

A home is meant to be lived in

I eventually realised that for as long as we continue to live in our home, or any home for that fact, the house work would continue. We can keep frantically scrubbing and tidying in determination to prevent our worst nightmares, but despite our best effort – the cleaning curse is going to keep returning!

It is our relationship with house work that needs changing, and to achieve this, we need to change the way we maintain our homes.


Creating a flawless daily schedule

To create the perfect daily schedule, start by working out your priorities – what is a clean house to you?

You could try every house cleaning checklist on the internet, but you may find that most of them are not the right fit, why? You’re unique.

  • Your home is different
  • Your day to day life is different
  • Your family size is different

Creating your own customised cleaning schedule will be a game changer for the cleanliness of your home. Regardless what your priorities are, the key to creating a successful daily schedule, is to do the right tasks, and to not over complicate them.

For example, a lot of people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. If the dishes are washed, and the counters tidy and cleaned every day, you may feel like you are well on your way to a maintained home.

In no time at all, your customised daily schedule, teamed with regular habits, will have you on your way to a much cleaner home, and a less stressed mind.


Handling the rest

If you recently read my ‘Secrets to a clean home’ post, I revealed how I have successful managed to maintain my home by following a 6-week rotating cleaning system. Here is an extract of that article here;

The way it works, is by breaking down your house into 6 segments (e.g Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) and allowing yourself 1 whole week to clean that one area of your home, to its entirety. Rotating these rooms, over a continued 6 week period.

Offering yourself 15 minutes to half an hour a day, on top of your usual daily schedule, for one whole week, gives you approximately 3.5 hours to get the job done. Everything from Walls, Skirting Boards, Light Fittings, Carpets, Internal Windows. You can also use this opportunity to re-visit organisation systems, or complete repairs.

Your 6-week rotating cleaning system may look something like;

Week 1 – Master Bedroom (Master Bath, if applicable)
Week 2 – Kitchen and Living
Week 3 – Laundry Area & Linen Cupboard
Week 4 – Other Bathroom/s
Week 5 – Other Bedroom/s
Week 6 – Outdoors/Garage

To ensure your 6-week rotating cleaning system is successful, it is helpful to create a master cleaning checklist that you can easily check off, as you work through each section of your home.

This master cleaning checklist will help you make great use of your time, as you’ve already done the thinking in advance, meaning you can really drill into the task at hand. If it isn’t dirty? Don’t clean it. It can wait another 6 weeks. There will always be quite a few tasks that won’t need to be done quite as regularly, like your window tracks and skirting boards.

The best thing is – because you are reviewing your home on a 6-weekly basis, you can get to these cleaning tasks well before they grow into large issues!

Download your free daily cleaning schedule (with customisation options), and master cleaning checklist below:

Daily Schedule

Master Cleaning Checklist


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